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Herbal Remedies

  1 . Weight Loss - There are No Quick Fixes
by  http://www.healthymyway.com
  One of the problems with weight loss is that many people look for a quick fix to help them lose weight quickly. Need to manage those cravings? Find out what works and what doesn't.

by  Healthy My Way
  Menopause can bring some unpleasant symptoms, it can make you feel sick or even inconsolable at times. It’s not that nature has decided that women should suffer more at the beginning of the end of their menstrual cycle, more than childbirth itself, but this eventuality should signal however reasonable inquiry into how the body works as a whole system.

  3 . The 55 Best Herbal Remedies
by  Michael Castleman, Natural Health
  Not long ago, American herbalists had to rely on folklore and anecdote. There was little clinical data on herbs, and what did exist was mostly published in German. But researchers (and translators) have been busy of late, and we now have proof that herbs are viable treatments for many ailments.Not long ago, American herbalists had to rely on folklore and anecdote. There was little clinical data on herbs, and what did exist was mostly published in German. But researchers (and translators) have been busy of late, and we now have proof that herbs are viable treatments for many ailments.

  4 . Natural Remedies Rapidly Becoming First Choice To Fighting Illness
by  Beverly Cherry
  There are many health problems that you can fight with herbal remedies. Find out where to find a large selection of pharmaceutical grade herbal remedies to treat a variety of ailments. Read an effective approach to your to maintaining health proactively before problems occur. Taking supplements filled with healthy natural products can be a great way to manage your health and stay vital.

  5 . Proven Natural Remedies
by  Beverly Cherry
  There are proven natural remedies for many ailments that can help you to be well both inside and outside. If you need help with problems that prescription medicine isn’t helping with or because you want to try to find a proven natural remedy for, you can utilize information and products here at http://www.healthymyway.com.

  1 . Astrology: Common Disorders and Astrology
by  Dr Turi
  The following article by Dr. Turi explains the celestial influences characterizing differents types of psychological states. He briefly outlines the astrological reasons for Psychosis/Schizophrenia, Hysteria, Dissociative States, Sociopathic Personality, A.D.D., and Paranoid Personality

  2 . Medical Astrology: What is Medical Astrology? II
by  Ingrid Naiman
  Medical Astrology: In this second part of the article, Ingrid Naiman further explain the dynamics of Medical Astrology.

  3 . Medical Astrology: What is Medical Astrology? I
by  Ingrid Naiman
  Medical Astrology presented by Ingrid Naiman, is a wholistic approach to Astrology that include not only the interpretation of an Astrology chart but also involves astroendocrinology, the effects of stress, the elements and provide remidies that promotes physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

  4 . Effective Use of Gems in Astrology
by  Raveendranath Menon
  What are Gems? Origin and qualities. Selection Of Gems, Uses of Gema in Vedic Astrology.

  5 . Yanthras, Explored Enigmas!
by  Raveendranath Menon
  What is a Yanthras? Mystical powers of ancient Vedic Yanthras! Few practical Yanthras described!The science behind the Mystical Diagrams or Charms.
Psychic - Paranormal

  1 . Psychics
by  Kristy Annely
  Psychics have extraordinary mental powers.

  2 . How To Be Psychic
by  Anthony North
  I’ve studied the history and practice of psychical phenomena for some 25 years now, and in that time, certain patterns of behaviour have presented themselves that suggest a typical path to becoming a psychic.

  3 . Are Your Psychic?
by  Alan Tutt
  Psychic abilities can be extremely accurate and reliable, and each person has a unique method of accessing them.

  4 . Improve Your Psychic Skills: A Basic Guide on How to Enhance Your Own Psychic Awareness
by  Russel Steward
  Learn basic techniques to explore your own psychic abilities.

  5 . Psychic Development: How to develop your own psychic skills
by  Vicki SpringWolf
  Of all the questions we're asked, this is the most common: "How can I develop my own psychic skills?" The sad thing is, when someone is asked why they want to do this, they don't usually have an answer. The first suggestion, whether you think you know why or not, is to write down and define why you want to tap into your psychic abilities. Define your "intent."
Psychic Readings

  1 . Getting an Accurate Psychic Phone Reading
by  Cherry Sage
  If you are looking for a rich authentic psychic experience which will leave you feeling empowered and inspired, than try a reading from an internationally known phone psychic.

  2 . Free Psychic Readings - Are They A Gift of the Spirit?
by  Cherry Sage
  Get a Free Psychic Reading, a totally Free Psychic Reading. But can't find one? Why Free Psychic Readings really aren't.

  3 .

Accurate Psychic Predictions-The Baffling Mystery Why Your Future Psychic Predictions May Not Be Accurate

by  Cherry Sage
  If you have been seeking accurate psychic predictions and have found that rarely are they accurate, you need to read this. Learn how to get accurate psychic predictions and learn exactly why your predictions can turn out to be incorrect.

  4 .

Understanding Psychic Readings

by  Vitkiwiz
  Psychic reading is an occurrence where one person tries to perceive information and insights using extra-sensory- perception (esp) from a metaphysical realm. There are various methods and tools per se' that a psychic reader may use to provide the reading such as Tarot cards, runes, astrological signs and charts, and numerology and more

  5 . Psychic Counseling
by  Dale Power
  Psychic Counseling is a serious topic, or at least it should be. Im not talking about 1-800 numbers here, or even the local palm reader. I mean real and effective counseling that includes, mental and emotional issues, such as avoiding pitfalls and bad relationships.

  1 . Could Practicing Yoga Bring Any Benefit To The One Practicing It?
by  Carol Haily
  Yes of course, where should we start because there are so many that it would hard to name all the physical benefits. In its core yoga is all about well-being of the self. Yoga is not meant to be a therapy for a one particular illness.

  2 . What Will Yoga Do to Help Cure Yeast Infection?
by  Linda Allen
  Yeast Infection Victims can Benefit by Practicing Yoga. Find out the Truth in This Amazing Article.

  3 . Yoga For Stress And Anxiety Relief
by  Paul Jerard
  Today's lifestyles define the word, "stress." More than 19 million Americans suffer from some from of anxiety on a regular basis. Part of what contributes to the increase in stress, and anxiety, is that very few people know how to manage their stress.

  4 . Use Ancient Yoga to Relieve Your Modern Stress
by  Kim Archer
  You're under stress, but you have to be in control all day long. Over time, that can lead to poor eating habits, the production of stress hormones and cardiac risk factors. The good news is you can reverse these risk factors non-pharmacologically and develop some habits for a lifetime that complement conventional diet and exercise. Yoga helps you to relearn that natural state that your body and mind want to be in: relaxation.

  5 . Yoga - The Plain Truth
by  Zach Hunt
  Yoga is a potent form of exercise that originated in India as a form of spiritual practice. Although, today's version of Yoga has little to do with the Hindu practice, it can provide numerous benefits. For those who are unaware of the Yoga way of exercise, it uses a combination of breathing exercises along with physical movement to free the body while the meditation aspect of Yoga assists in easing the mind and soul.

  1 . Getting an Accurate Tarot Card Reading
by  Cherry Sage
  If you're looking for more information about Tarot Card Readings and how to get an accurate and professional tarot card reading, this article is a must.

  2 . Understanding the Tarot Card Deck--Part II
by  All About Tarot.com
  One of the first steps toward understanding the Tarot lies in appreciating the meaning of its two Arcana – the Major and the Minor. But even before that, the novice does well by committing to memory the meaning of “Arcana” – defined as “mysterious knowledge, language, or information accessible only by the initiate.”

  3 . Understanding the Tarot Card Deck--Part I
by  All About Tarot.com
  One of the first steps toward understanding the Tarot lies in appreciating the meaning of its two Arcana – the Major and the Minor. But even before that, the novice does well by committing to memory the meaning of “Arcana” – defined as “mysterious knowledge, language, or information accessible only by the initiate.”

  4 . Understanding a Tarot Card Reading
by  All About Tarot.com
  The Tarot -- The key to acheiving skill in making the Tarot an important part of your everyday life.

  5 . Tarot Cards & Tarot Readings
by  Mary Shadow
  As we use Tarot Card, we gain a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

  1 . Your Yearly Numerology Organizer for 2006
by  Vitae Bergman
  Every year offers you a new vibration for your work or play. According to the numerology system of rhythms, we humans journey through cycles that are nine years in duration. Discover how to calculate your own personal year cycle.

  2 . The Truth About Numerology and Why It Works
by  Jon Weaver
  Numerology is often trivialized as a parlour trick, or a carnival attraction. Most do not realize it is an extension of mathematical functions and can lead to a more unique understanding of life. Here you will find the lost information of why Numerology will work for you and your goals.

  3 . Does Numerology Really Work?
by  Janarrdhana Guptha
  Numbers and Vibrations have fascinated Man for a very long time. Millions of people have changed or tuned their Birth Names hoping to benefit from it. Whatever the Numerology Method - whether it's Kabbalah or Pythagorean or Chaldean, does Numerology really work ? If No, Why ? If Yes, then How ? Read on for some real life, practical FAQs.
Feng Shui

  1 . Feng Shui for the Beginner - What is Feng Shui?
by  Marie Schoonover
  The two questions I get asked by new people are “What is Feng Shui?” and “How can Feng Shui benefit me?” With 17 years of Feng Shui you’d think I could spit out an answer to those questions easily, but in fact I stumble around for an answer as much now as I did the first time I was asked.

  2 . Balancing Your Life with Feng Shui
by  Mary Capone
  Have you ever noticed how some homes make you feel relaxed, ready to lounge, while others make you want to run for the hills? Do you wonder why some businesses are financially prosperous while others of equal merit fail? It's a well known fact that environment affects our health. But did you know that relationships, even financial success could greatly depend on the arrangement of your furniture?

  3 . Test Your Feng Shui Knowledge
by  Kathryn Weber
  Think you know feng shui? Take this test and find out! Answers are at the bottom of this article.
New Age

  1 . Living in Synchronicity with the Universe
by  Amy Biddle
  First documented in the academic world by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung in 1928, synchronicity is the occurrence of coincidences (events happening at the same time) that may not appear to be related in any way, except that they are meaningful to us.

  2 . Akashic Records
by  Courtesy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  The Akashic Records (Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") are said to be a collection of mystical knowledge that is stored in the aether; i.e. on a non-physical plane of existence. The concept is common in some New Age religious groups. The Akashic Records are said to have existed since the beginning of Creation. Just as we have various specialty libraries (e.g., medical, law), there are said to exist various Akashic Records (e.g., human, animal, plant, mineral, etc). Most writings refer to the Akashic Records in the area of human experience.
Psychic Medium

  1 . Mediumship: Questions & Answers
by  Terri Clemens
  As our society becomes more and more aware of the spiritual nature of our being, many questions arise. As a professional Spiritual Medium, I am often asked many questions by those seeking to understand more about life, death, the afterlife and all things metaphysical. Here, I will answer some of the most common questions I am asked about the art of mediumship, in the hope that it will be helpful to others.

  2 . Psychic Mediums: How Psychic Mediums Contact the Spirit World and Communicate with our Loved Ones
by  Russel Steward
  If we accept that dying is not the end of our existence but simply the end of the body that carried our consciousness, and that our soul survives and exists somewhere else, then we can accept that it might be possible to make contact with the consciousness and all the emotions and memories that continue on. Spirit contact is thought-generated by both the medium and contacting spirit. When a medium sits with a client, the medium is in effect filled with thoughts about that client; these thoughts are then transmitted by the medium into the world of spirit.

  3 . Choosing Your Psychic Medium
by  George Royal
  Psychic mediums are those who claim to have special abilities to communicate with spirits of the dead. They seek to prove that that the human personality continues to exist even in the "afterlife". Their main occupation and means of livelihood is to help families of the deceased communicate with their loved ones who have passed on.

  4 . Psychic Medium
by  Kristy Annely
  Psychics are people who have mastered the art of using mental powers like ESP (extra sensory perception) to look into the lives and future of other people and predict future events. The word “Psychic” has Greek roots, derived from the word psychiokos or psyche, which means soul or “that which is mental”. The word is generally used to describe fortunetellers.
Natural Medicine

  1 . 10 Healthy Steps to Stop Colds and Flu
by  Laurel Kallenbach
  Though we invariably associate wintry weather with getting sick, it's actually a myth that being cold will make you catch cold. "You get sick when your immune system is impaired or you're exposed to a virus or bacteria that your body can't fight," says naturopath and nutritionist Candace Paul, N.D., Ph.D., who practices in Valley Center, Calif.

  2 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing
by  Judith Orloff MD
  ...a potent form of inner wisdom not mediated by the rational mind. Accessible to all, it's a still, small voice inside-an unflinching truth-teller committed to our well-being....

  3 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing.: Step One: Notice Your Beliefs
by  Dr. Judith Orloff
  Who gets sick? How can we get well? Is illness simply a result of genetics and other physical factors, or does something else come in? Intuition? Spirituality?

  4 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing.: Step Two: Be In Your Body
by  Dr. Judith Orloff
  Intuitive truth 1: The more love and consciousness you bring to your body when it is ill, the better chance you'll have of mending it. Intuitive truth 2: If you resist discomfort, it will persist. If you soften around it, it will lessen.

  5 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing.: Step Five: Listen to Your Dreams
by  Judith Orloff, MD
  There is a healing instinct within you that can manifest in dreams. You'd be surprised at the straightforward health advice they give, either spontaneously or on request.

  1 . How To Use Binaural Beats To Improve Your Traditional Meditation Practice
by  Chris Connard
  How would you like to take your meditation practice to a whole new level? Many long-time mediators have heard of using binaural beats to entrain the brain into a state of deep relaxation, similar to meditation. But did you know that you can use it to improve and deepen your traditional meditation practice?

  2 . What is Meditation?
by  Robert Elias Najemy
  Experience the most powerful personal growth, self-help and mind development tool in the world.

  3 . Travel as Meditation
by  Katherine Robertson
  A travel destination shows you your fascinations, your curiosities, even your deepest longings. But a destination alone does not a journey make.

  4 . Walking Meditation
by  Laurel Kallenbach
  "Each step we take creates a cool breeze, refreshing our body and mind. Every step makes a flower bloom under our feet." - Thich Nhat Hahn, Zen master

  5 . Aura Meditations for Everyday Life
by  Cynthia Sue Larson
  Learn the tried and true methods and benefits of meditation. See how you can make everyday life seem like a calm cool breeze.

  1 . We've Been Living in a Dream World
by  Jean-Claude Koven
  Dare to take look at life through a different perspective. By focusing your attention on the part of you that is watching the rest of you .... you complete the formula that can only result in the manifestation of whatever your curiosity seeks to explore.

  2 . Consciousness
by  Various Authors
  What is Consciousness? What raises us above other known sentient beings is our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. But what does this mean, scientifically? This article will investigate the nature of consciousness, different levels of consciousness, cosmic consciousness, collective consciousness and spirituality and consciousness. The ultimate questions is wether consciousness can be permanently altered and the nature of enlightenment.

  3 . Buddhism: Principles of Buddhism
by  Courtesy to www.Wikipedia.org
  The main principles of Buddhism: The Three Jewels, The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, The Five Precepts, The three marks of conditioned existence and vegetarianism.

  4 . Balancing and Charging the Chakras
by  Julia Jablonski
  Balancing and Charging the Chakras::the energy of your body will not be balanced and free flowing if you do not have good emotional balance, good physical health, and good relationships with your surroundings and yourself. Almost no one is ever perfectly balanced. If you could do this, you would be able to rise from the dead, have a body transformed into a cosmic molecular structure and commune with the gods as an equal.

  1 . The Six Metaphysical Laws Of Prosperity
by  Robert Taylor
  There are Six Metaphysical Laws of Prosperity, inviolable principles and maxims beyond the physical plane that dictate a person's future success and ultimate prosperity.

  2 . Prosperity Consciousness: Prosperity Consciousness and Manifesting Exercises
by  Julia Jablonski
  Determine those things you love spending money on and relish the experience. Linger in that feeling of joy as you count out the cash or write out the check. Ponder and examine this feeling, and keep it in the front of your memory. Before you write out checks for your bills or other expenses, draw this feeling up first.

  1 . Prophetic Dreams: Can Our Dreams Foretell the Future?
by  Brian Alan Burhoe
  Can our dreams foretell the future? Here is an examination of precognitve dreams and their possible significance in foretelling the future.

  2 . Meaning of Dreams: Spiritual Guidance from dreams
by  Judith Bourque
  Many of us take our dreams for granted, not realizing that the dream state is actually an expanded state of consciousness. Due to the fact that the ego lets go of a lot of the control it normally exercises during the day, we become more open to healing forces that help us to regain balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as we dream.

  1 . Reincarnation
by  Aymen Fares
  Find out about past lives and reincarnation.

  2 . Reincarnation -- The Whole Truth -- Part 2
by  Robert Bruce
  An abstract methodology to the theory of reincarnation.

  3 . Reincarnation -- The Whole Truth -- Part 1
by  Robert Bruce
  An abstract methodology to the theory of reincarnation.

  1 . Karma: Creating Sat Karma
by  Krupa Darshna
  Karma is the most widely used term in popular spirituality (with an exception of Semitic religions; Christianity, Judaism and Islam). Karma is believed to decide ones progress or failure both in the material as well as spiritual spheres, in terms of health, wealth and even attainment of enlightenment. Karma is one of the cosmic or natural laws governing the universe. Though cosmic laws cannot be defined and can only be understood through application and observation, we will try to define it as much as possible

  2 . Karma: Physical Sat Karma
by  Krupa Darshna
  About Karma. How to remove bad karma, and how to increase good karma? Physical sat karma is the positive karma that one earns through right words and action. The article describes the different actions that can be taken in order to influence the karma.

by  Janarrdhana Guptha
  Karma is a Sanskrit word springing from the root "Kri" - "to do" or "to make" or more simply, "action". The deeper meaning of Karma can be described as an infinite chain of the results of action that is perceived and performed.
Inspiration and Self-Mastery

  1 . If You're Conscious, How Can You Die? Part 1
by  Andrew Cohen
  An Interview with a Modern-Day Taoist Wizard Peter Ragnar by Andrew Cohen

  2 . If You're Conscious, How Can You Die? Part 2
by  Andrew Cohen
  An Interview with a Modern-Day Taoist Wizard Peter Ragnar, Part 2 by Andrew Cohen

  3 . If You're Conscious, How Can You Die? Part 3
by  Andrew Cohen
  An Interview with a Modern-Day Taoist Wizard Peter Ragnar, Part 3 by Andrew Cohen
Business and Spirituality

  1 . Feng Shui: Feng Shui in Business
by  Jenny Liu
  There are about 30 factors that influence or determine our success in life. Of the 30, there are some that are predestined or unchangeable. Then, there are adjustable factors. If we were to set these factors on a scale, how do they rank in contributing to our success in life? How can we improve certain factors to promote us? Feng shui is one of the easiest accessible means of change that can be used to promote our well-being. When our business has done all the promotion in the right markets and the product or service is competitive, and yet business is slow, we need to consider other factors that may be influencing it.

  2 . Spirituality and Business: Corporate Personal Search for Identity
by  Anant G Nadkarni
  In a reputed business school, a session on cause-related marketing and social responsibility of business was in progress. Two volunteers from the class had to simply describe themselves as persons as if to market that idea like a product or service to the class.

  3 . Authentic Leadership
by  Andrew Cohen
  Enlightenment for the 21st Century. The dawn of the twenty-first century, executives and business leaders are beginning to look to the perennial spiritual truth of Oneness, not only for personal salvation in these most challenging of times but as the source for a new, deeper, and higher perspective from which to engage in the global marketplace.

  4 . God Can't Do It Alone
by  Dadi Janki
  While this diminutive woman draped in a white sari might appear to belong to an era long past, she is the inspiration and spiritual guide to many of the world's leading business visionaries, such as Brian Bacon, Tex Gunning, Charles Handy, Peter Senge, David Cooperrider, Rita Cleary, and others.

  5 . The Business of Saving the World
by  Elizabeth Debold, Ed.D.,
  Can capitalism become a force for a new global consciousness? Innovative organizational change makers—and their corporate counterparts—are tackling one of the most complex problems facing humanity: the urgent need for big business to evolve from being a profit–driven machine to a living system working for the future of the planet.

  1 . Intuition -- Do You Use It?
  Intuition is that part of us that we would often call 6th sense. Everyone has it, but not everyone chooses to use it.

  2 . Experiments in the Science of Mind
by  Amy Biddle
  In any science experiment, you take a situation, change something about it, and measure the effect of your action on the situation. In the science of mind, you can experiment with adding new thoughts to your situation, and you can see measurable results.

Psychic Readings by Cherry Sage


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