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:: Natural Medicine

  1 . 10 Healthy Steps to Stop Colds and Flu
By Laurel Kallenbach
  Though we invariably associate wintry weather with getting sick, it's actually a myth that being cold will make you catch cold. "You get sick when your immune system is impaired or you're exposed to a virus or bacteria that your body can't fight," says naturopath and nutritionist Candace Paul, N.D., Ph.D., who practices in Valley Center, Calif.
  2 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing
By Judith Orloff MD
  ...a potent form of inner wisdom not mediated by the rational mind. Accessible to all, it's a still, small voice inside-an unflinching truth-teller committed to our well-being....
  3 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing.: Step One: Notice Your Beliefs
By Dr. Judith Orloff
  Who gets sick? How can we get well? Is illness simply a result of genetics and other physical factors, or does something else come in? Intuition? Spirituality?
  4 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing.: Step Two: Be In Your Body
By Dr. Judith Orloff
  Intuitive truth 1: The more love and consciousness you bring to your body when it is ill, the better chance you'll have of mending it. Intuitive truth 2: If you resist discomfort, it will persist. If you soften around it, it will lessen.
  5 . Five Steps to Intuitive Healing.: Step Five: Listen to Your Dreams
By Judith Orloff, MD
  There is a healing instinct within you that can manifest in dreams. You'd be surprised at the straightforward health advice they give, either spontaneously or on request.
  6 . Relaxing Into Reiki -- Part I
By Anna Pizzoferrato
  Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force and a system of natural healing that channels Reiki through the hands. The traditional Asian medical paradigm views injury, dysfunction and disease as manifesting when subtle energies are weak, distorted or out-of-balance. Reiki accesses the source of Life to heal the self and others on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels.
  7 . Relaxing Into Reiki -- Part II
By Anna Pizzoferrato
  Reiki is a Japanese system of relaxation and stress reduction that often promotes healing. It was discovered or rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900's. Reiki is a form "hands on" healing similar to techniques have been practiced for thousands of years. Reiki is powerful, and yet very gentle. A Reiki practitioner is trained to do Reiki treatments in a weekend workshop, yet people devote their lives to the study and practice of Reiki. Reiki can be learned in a weekend and studied for a lifetime!
  8 . The Fields of Healing
By Valerie Free
  A very good article on the shortcomings of chemical-based medicine and the art of healing by attending to the body's flow of energy.
  9 . Psychic Healing: Weight Loss Techniques
By Dale Power
  There is no magic bullet that will make you lose weight without trying. No special diet that lets you eat a huge amount of food and drop pounds fast. No ab-machine or exer-cycle that you see at three fifteen in the morning on an infomercial is really going to make that much difference to you.
  10 . Codependency Impacts Our Spirituality
By Dr. Dorothy Neddermeyer
  Embracing and honoring the concept of self-reliance and self-determination is the only way a codependent person will change this self-crippling and self-defeating life style.
  11 . Benefits of Ayurveda
By Dr. Tarun Sachdeva
  The world of ayurveda is a vast and interesting one. It is with this objective that this article on Benefits of ayurveda was written, so that people got to know more about ayurveda and its various effective uses in treating different diseases.
  12 . What You Should Know Before Taking Herbal Remedies
By Rita Kennon
  Don't make these serious mistakes that countless others have made when using herbal remedies. Arm yourself with these guidelines for using natural potent medicines before using any herbal supplements.

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