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:: Wisdom

  1 . We've Been Living in a Dream World
By Jean-Claude Koven
  Dare to take look at life through a different perspective. By focusing your attention on the part of you that is watching the rest of you .... you complete the formula that can only result in the manifestation of whatever your curiosity seeks to explore.
  2 . Consciousness
By Various Authors
  What is Consciousness? What raises us above other known sentient beings is our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. But what does this mean, scientifically? This article will investigate the nature of consciousness, different levels of consciousness, cosmic consciousness, collective consciousness and spirituality and consciousness. The ultimate questions is wether consciousness can be permanently altered and the nature of enlightenment.
  3 . Buddhism: Principles of Buddhism
By Courtesy to www.Wikipedia.org
  The main principles of Buddhism: The Three Jewels, The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, The Five Precepts, The three marks of conditioned existence and vegetarianism.
  4 . Balancing and Charging the Chakras
By Julia Jablonski
  Balancing and Charging the Chakras::the energy of your body will not be balanced and free flowing if you do not have good emotional balance, good physical health, and good relationships with your surroundings and yourself. Almost no one is ever perfectly balanced. If you could do this, you would be able to rise from the dead, have a body transformed into a cosmic molecular structure and commune with the gods as an equal.

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